Why The Philippines?

When it comes to hiring offshore staff, we believe there is no better location than the Philippines.

While most businesses hire offshore staff to reduce costs or fast-track growth, there are so many other factors than just the cost and availability of labour.

To really achieve optimal results, you need to choose a country with the right combination of qualities.

Here are some reasons why the Philippines is your best choice...

English is the official language

The Philippines is the world's 3rd largest English-speaking country, with over 60 million English speakers and an exceptional 97.5% literacy rate.

English is one of the two official national languages of the Philippines (the other being Tagalog). It's the language of instruction in schools and higher education, and the official language of government, the courts and most businesses.

Filipinos don't just speak English, they speak it very well - and in most cases with neutral accents.

High standard of education - large talent pool

More than 680,000 Filipinos graduate yearly from over 2,300 higher education facilities.

Education has become a very high priority for many Filipinos, resulting in more than 41 million highly trained people in the workforce.

We have no difficulty finding highly educated staff with specialized skills to perfectly fit your needs.

Cultural fit - Western outlook

The Philippines has a young, social and enterprising employment population with a very Western outlook. Today in 2023 it has a median age of just 25.7 years, a very youthful population.

As a former US colony, its cities, office buildings, malls and restaurants will all feel very familiar to you.

With no language barrier or real workplace differences, Filipinos get along well with their onshore teams.

Their cultural compatibility and friendly nature also make them ideal for businesses requiring friendly customer service.

Low cost of labour and living costs

Living costs are exceptionally low in the Philippines. Labour and occupancy expenses together are approximately 70% lower than in Australia or the UK, drastically reducing your staffing costs.

In addition to slashing costs, hiring Filipinos improves their lives and that of their families significantly.

The offshore staffing industry has had an enormously beneficial impact on the Philippines providing long-term, fulfilling career opportunities to Filipinos, previously unavailable.

Loyal, honest and hard-working career professionals

Filipinos are well known for their loyalty and honesty, and for seeing their commitments through to completion. They prize their jobs and will stay with good employers for longer than is usual in the West.

In a 2023 Standard Insights poll, over 96% of Filipinos surveyed said they were hopeful about their future. Their main motivations for doing their best include increased wages, giving their loved ones a good life, and achieving a sense of accomplishment.

In Western countries, high staff turnover for low-level positions involving repetitive tasks is common.

In the Philippines, staff are more committed to long-term career employment, as against Western staff who typically consider lower-tier jobs as temporary.

As an employer, this means far less time and money expended for the recruitment and training of staff where the turnover is high.

A culture of customer service excellence

Hospitality is a big part of the Philippines' economy, most existing industries are customer service based.

Filipinos place great importance on understanding and accommodating their customers, it's an integral part of their culture.

Additionally, large multinational companies have invested in customer service personnel and training for decades in the Philippines.

As a result the labour market is rich in highly skilled talent with a natural focus on customer service.

An industry of stability, growth and government support

The Philippines has a stable system of government, largely structured on the US model.

The Philippines economy grew at a pace of 7.6% in 2022, the fastest rate of economic growth recorded by the country since 1976.

The Philippines offshore staff industry hired 120,000 new employees in 2021, up 9.1-percent from 2020. This brought the total head count to 1.44 million.

It delivered US$29.49 billion in revenue for 2021, a 10.6-percent jump from the prior year.

The sector now comprises over 11% of the country's GDP, the second-highest foreign income earner.

As such the industry receives significant support from all levels of government along with heavy investment in transportation systems, digital connectivity networks, and business-friendly strategies.


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