Why Offshore?

Hiring offshore staff with People Offshore can deliver many benefits to you, including the potential to save up to 70% on staffing costs.

Aside from the cost savings, you gain access to a large and diverse pool of talent to help your business thrive and grow in a highly competitive market.

With our offshore staffing, you have full visibility and control, without having to worry about facilities, operations, overheads and regulations.

Our services provide you the freedom to manage your own staff in the Philippines, who work exclusively for you and report directly to you.

You can communicate with your staff through various channels as they interact directly with your existing team at home, and we'll assign a dedicated account manager for you at no extra cost.

Offshore staffing allows you to allocate time-consuming and repetitive tasks to staff in the Philippines, allowing your onshore team time to focus on what they do best, increasing output quality and business efficiencies across the board.

Let's go through the benefits in more detail...

Cost savings of up to 70%

With the cost of living and operating a business in the Philippines much lower than in Western countries, partnering with People Offshore can save you up to 70% of your employment costs for the same level of talent and output quality.

We take care of direct costs such as recruitment, human resources, superannuation, payroll tax, IT equipment and overall management supervision as well as office space and direct overheads with one all-inclusive monthly invoice.

We offer a simple but highly effective way to make savings in one area - staffing - and then reinvest them where profits can be maximised such as product research, marketing or increased production.

Hire quickly from a large and diverse pool of talent

More recently, finding staff in Western countries has become a major headache with hundreds of thousands of unfilled positions in Australia and the UK.

With more than 680,000 Filipinos graduating yearly from university, there are more than 41 million highly trained people in the workforce.

We have no difficulty finding staff with the specialised skills you require to perfectly fit your needs.

In Western countries, high staff turnover for low-level positions involving repetitive tasks is common.

In the Philippines, staff value long-term stable employment, as against Western staff who typically consider lower-tier jobs as temporary.

Scale down just as quickly if needs dictate

It's a reality that in this roller-coaster era of post-lockdown economic circumstances, companies are sometimes forced to scale back their activities.

Faced with significant termination payments - even the threat of unfair dismissal suits and tribunals - companies in Australia and the UK are hesitant to take on new staff.

When you hire staff from People Offshore, we only require 30 days notice to terminate the contract for the staff you employ.

While Philippines law allows us to also terminate staff made reduntant this way, with 30 days notice and all due benefits, we rarely do.

Should you serve notice in this manner it simply gives us 30 days to place them with another partner.


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