Our Approach

With our approach you have total control of the process, from screening candidates, through to onboarding them into your existing structures.

Traditional outsourcing models often quote an hourly rate and this can lead to conflicts of interest. You may prefer to pay a little extra for a more experienced staffer - but the hiring company may opt for less experienced staff for a better profit margin.

With our transparent pricing there is no conflict of interest, you get the staff you choose for a salary package you agree on.

Our one monthly invoice for your staff contains two components - Employee Compensation and our Services Fee - paid monthly in advance.

Here's how they work...

Employee Compensation

This covers the base salary, benefits, taxes and insurance paid to, or on behalf of your staff. These items are billed at cost with no markup.

When you engage us we present candidates to you for appraisal and video interview.

As experience and skill levels will vary, so will the asking salaries of the various applicants.

You can opt for a lower cost less experienced staffer for you to train up - or an industry veteran bringing additional skills to the table.

While we will make recommendations, the choice is totally yours.

Services Fee

This is a fixed fee per employee per month to cover the assets, support and operational costs we provide.

Some of the items we provide for this fee include:

  • The initial search and vetting of candidates for the job.
  • Payroll management and payments to various government agencies.
  • Employee supervision, support, adherence to timekeeping.
  • Provision of a fully equipped office and workstation with IT support.
  • Uninterruptible electricity supply with diesel generator backup.
  • Triple redundant high speed internet access at all times.
  • Pre-hire and yearly medical, x-ray, lab tests, drug screening (required by law)
  • Employee engagement and team building activities.

Essentially we provide you with an offshore staff member, along with everything needed on the ground to ensure they can always be productive and available to you.

How our process works

We start by discussing with you the type of staff that would suit your needs and the roles they would fill. This may be a single staffer or a team if your need requires.

After going through our candidates and salary data you will receive a quotation on the total monthly cost for staff that fit the bill, across the likely salary range.

If the quotation is acceptable we invoice you for the first month's Services Fee.

Over a period of approximately two weeks we present the CV's of candidates for you to whittle down to a short list. Then we arrange video interviews with you, the candidates, and ourselves.

This process continues until you select the candidate(s) you wish to hire.

Depending on your urgency we may offer staff ready to start or currently working in the industry. Those currently working tend to have more up-to-date skills and experience - but need to give 30 days notice to their current employer.

During this period we 'll set up their work stations and liase with you for any special software licenses or tools they may need.

Depending on 30 days notice being required this whole process usually takes 2 to 6 weeks.

The day your staff begin working from our office is the day the billing cycle begins for the pre-payment you made at the outset.

With your staff in place we're here to support you and ensure their smooth operation with your team.


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